Stop the train:It’s baby time!

My name is Miss Cookas.

I am 29, and I have just arrived at baby central.

For a long time, I had no desire to start making babies. Not because I didn’t want a baby—if it had happened any time after my husband arrived on the scene, I would have been over the moon.

I just didn’t choose a baby. I didn’t feel ready to let go of all the wonders that freedom allows. Sleeping in, going out with friends on a whim, inhaling a glass or two of red wine with dinner; it all just seemed so impossible to go without.

But now, a month away from my 30th birthday: something has changed. I want a baby. I am ready to pour all the wine down the sink and replace it with Juice. I’m ready to face a first trimester full of vomiting and all sorts of yucky stuff. And, why am I all of a sudden ready you ask? Because it’s time.

I can only say that it must have been some kind of chemical reaction. I started to love my hubby (I’ll call him Mister C) so much that I wished there were two of him. I just knew that we would make such a beautiful little family and I began to crave that life. As two, we are amazing. We exist as a couple in such harmony—the couple part of our life, we have perfected. Now, it’s time for something new.

It’s a very exciting time, however frustrating. We haven’t started to try yet, and wont for another couple of months to allow my body to adjust to being off the pill. But once the decision to try was made, the long wait began.

Tomorrow, I’ll have blood tests done to make sure my oven is sufficiently pre-heating, and soon enough, the journey to conception will begin! I can only pray that the journey will be a smooth one.

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“New Parents” by healingdream.


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