How I survived my pre-pregnancy check up!

My doctor told me, months ago, that these days a pre pregnancy check-up was recommended and that when the time came I was to go back and have a blood test to make sure all was good to go.

That time came the other day.

I turned up to the pathology clinic. The white walls and the empty corridor made it very hospital like; and a little creepy. No one was around. No Nurses, no patients. But, as I walked along the corridor, I spotted the Nurse on duty. She was quietly hunched over her desk and had no idea that I was there. I decided to play a little game to catch her attention. I sat right opposite her open door and rustled some magazines, as if I was actually looking for one to read. My tactics worked! In less than ten seconds, I had caught her eye.

‘Oh hello,’ she said as she walked toward me, slightly embarrassed to be caught slacking on the job.

‘Hello’ I said back, feeling kind of awkward. To be quite honest, I was freaking out just a bit. It had been a long time in between needles and I really wasn’t sure how I would go with it all. She guided me to the ‘blood taking’ seat. The thing looked more like a lethal injection seat than anything else.

Then it happened. Something completely horrifying to any non-pregnant young lady. The Nurse smiled at me and said very kindly, ‘Is this your first?’

Now, she was an Indian lady and I couldn’t quite understand her, so I asked her what she said again. She repeated, ‘Is this your first Baby,’ before she pointed to my rounded stomach.

She thinks I’m Pregnant?! At first, I was a little bit shocked. I was already feeling a little sensitive because my figure hugging dress was currently framing my belly chub in all the wrong places—for some strange reason, the small amount of fat on my belly had become quite round over Christmas.

‘Oh! No, I’m not pregnant,’ I giggled, ‘Well not yet. This is just my pre pregnancy blood test.’

The poor lady’s face dropped as she apologised. She said that she had seen, ‘pre-natal’ on my form and had just assumed. No harm done I suppose. I am not pregnant, though in that moment: I so wished that I could have replied yes. Yes, this is my first baby.

So now, I patiently wait for the results. If they come back saying I need a top up of rubella—it will delay our baby making expedition. And I really don’t think I can wait much longer. I’ve already agreed to wait until after my 30th. But then, I just want to be free to try.

Fingers crossed that my body is functioning as it should.

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“Syringe” by renjith krishnan.


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