The results

I nervously sat at my work desk, tapping my pen against my lip.

My colleagues have no idea we are even considering parenthood, so I thought it best to google the number of my doctor as discretely as possible then head outside to make the call.

I typed the number into the dial screen and then slowly got up for my afternoon break. I slung my bag over my shoulder and shuffled through reception, down the stairs, then out into the glorious sun. I knew just where to make the call: around the corner, where no one would over hear.  I would also have some much needed shade under the overhanging trees that lined the street.

The ring tone sounded and then quickly cut off.  A young man named Ben introduced himself and the practice with a lovely, upbeat trill to his voice. I responded with an equal amount of joy.

‘Hi Ben! My name is Miss C, and I am just wondering when I might expect the results of my blood test.’

I knew very well that it would probably be tomorrow since today was Wednesday—my doctor had said I should expect the results on Thursday.

‘Well, let me just check for you,’ Ben replied.

I could hear the tap tap tapping of a keyboard underneath busy fingers, and before too long Ben started to speak. At first, a car flew past me so I completely missed what he was saying. His voice sounded a little bit hesitant though. Immediately I thought, ‘Oh no,’

The next thing I heard him say was, ‘I can give you the results now over the phone  if you’d like’.

So they had arrived early! Yes!

                I gave Ben my approval to deliver the results and the results were good. He said that because everything had come back completely normal, no further action would be required on my behalf. I nearly squeaked with joy, I was that excited. I mumbled something dumb to Ben like, ‘That’s great news, I’m not dying,’ and got an equally awkward response back.

No wonder he was awkward about the ‘dying’ remark.

I had only had a pre-natal blood test done.


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