Curious and Curiouser

We are funny, us humans. By nature, we are such curious creatures.

We have certain perceptions about life and how things should be. Not to mention how long things should take to happen.

When Mister C asked me to be his wife, I found it so entertaining that as soon as we got engaged—people began to ask us if we’d set a date yet. And when I say, ‘as soon as we got engaged,’ I mean, less than ten minutes after!

Of course we haven’t set a date yet you duffers. Until ten minutes ago, I had no Idea Mister C was even going to propose!

Recently, we attended the backyard birthday party of one of our friends.  I drove, so I was the noticeable water drinker of the evening. I really didn’t want to face the long walk to the train station. Also, I knew the following month was going to be a big party month:  best not to have too many drunken escapades between now and baby making time. I have an oven to safely pre heat.

At one point in the evening, we stood around the bon fire. I was snuggled up in Mister C’s arms at the time and, apart from the wayward smoke that seemed to find our position each time we moved, life was good.

‘So guys, what’s your five year plan?’

It was Mister C’s brother in law who put the question to us, and he didn’t stop with that.

‘I mean, are you guys gonna start trying for babies soon?’

I froze.

 I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone asked this question. We have been married nearly a year now.  

Mister C paused; then answered, ‘Babies? Oh well, we’ll try at some stage this year.’

He left it at that; and that was perfect.

So now we know to be prepared for more questions about the time frame of our impending family. People are going to want to know. But what they will never know is exactly how soon it will be before we try.

Because for now… this blog is our little secret.



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