Alas, dear Cervix. What’s in a name?

IImage‘ve never really thought about my cervix.

And when I say never really, what I actually mean is never ever, ever, ever really thought about my cervix.  Now though, it’s all about the cervix and—get ready for it—cervical mucus (gross).

Where is my cervix? Is that my cervix? Is that my cervix? The questions are endless. And that’s where Doctor Google comes into it.

It turns out that Doctor Google is not a Doctor at all. Doctor Google is actually a whole bunch of lovely ladies out there who are just like me—women trawling the internet searching for information on how to get the job done.

It is refreshing to know that everyone is just as obsessive about this baby making thing as I am. They have all the books. They’re doing all the ovulation tests. They may have even joined a trying to conceive forum— yes, I’ve noticed those out there!

And while I really do appreciate the questions they put to the other Dr Google representatives out there, I’ll never be one to ask a question. I’m happy just researching away.

I have the books. I’ve made a choice not to do the ovulation tests.  I’ve found that this baby making business already gives you so many things to analyse and obsess about. And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that the tests are fabulous for some woman. But I’ll be the first to say that good old Miss Cookas here can be a bit of a basket case on occasion: extra stress is just not for me.

So, for now I’m going it alone. Just me and my Cervix. I trust that it’ll point me in the right direction when the time comes. It is a natural part of me after all; Mother Nature is one clever lady.

And when she gives me the ‘heads up’ to start making babies…

I can’t tell you how excited I will be.


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