And then the tears came

You all know the moment don’t you? The one where some unsuspecting person asks you how you’re feeling—and you reply by bursting into an irrational bout of tears?

The other day, that was me. An irrational, sobbing mess. And the thing is, once I’d started, I just could not stop crying!

I can only assume that it’s hormones I have to blame for this ridiculous behaviour. I’ve been off the pill for two months now; there are going to be kinks. And girls, even though we take comfort in the knowledge that every girl goes through the craziness that hormones present, don’t you think it is just-so-weird?

But, I guess I can’t blame it all on the hormones. In fact, I’m betting that stress is a major factor in my ‘raining eyes’ syndrome. You see, I have just moved from the city to the country. And although in the long run I know this is a good thing, for now, it’s a little bit scary! I’ve gone from being stuck in city traffic to being stuck in a vortex of Kangaroos, long grass and small town gossip! It is a lot to take in, let me tell you.

But this place that I’ve found myself in; this beautiful miracle of earth that is my
new home…this is where me and Mr C belong. Yes, it’s awful starting a new job (that I’m pretty hopeless at by the way, hence the stress). But this is what we have wanted for a long time: to settle in the quietness of the country.

And I couldn’t have picked a better time to do it. Before the baby making begins.

photo (7)

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