Operation Baby: Go!

Being in a committed and loving relationship is a beautiful thing. Of course, it’s different for everyone. For some it’s passionate and crazy. For others it’s cool and calm.

                For me and Mister C, well, our relationship is like a calm and lovely fire. It surrounds us with warmth. It’s been that way for nearly six years now.

                And this year, we decided to add another log to the fire. This year is the year we try for a baby. But you already know that. What you don’t know though, and what you may have been wondering for the past few months, is when exactly we are going to start ‘trying to conceive’.

                Well, I am nervous but excited to say—we’ve just started! Trying that is. Yes, that’s right, we could get pregnant any month now.

                Those of you who’ve been checking in on this blog would know that, from the beginning, it’s been all about my journey towards motherhood. You’ve probably thought we must have started trying by now. And we wanted to. Believe me. But we had to settle our new life in the country before we could even think of resuming ‘operation baby’.

                But now, it’s official. Me and Mister C are ready, and trying to conceive our first little angel.

Let the two week wait begin!




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