Mother Nature

Mother Nature.

I’m not sure where she got her name from.

Does her name imply that the physical earth is her child? Or, are we—all of human kind—her children? Well, whoevers mother she is: she is all powerful. She feeds our plants, and they grow. She nurtures our being, and we prosper.

But sometimes, Mother Nature gets cross. And boy does she have a temper.

My heart goes out to all of those families in Oklahoma.  As I begin my journey towards Motherhood, I’ve been struck to the bone with images of what it really means to be a mother. To all those mothers who will never get to read to their children at night again—I can only send my love to you through the sky. I hope it reaches you and gives you at least a flicker of hope for a bright and beautiful future.

Of all the natural disasters we’ve experienced here in Australia, bush fires seem to be the big offender. Bushfires and floods: the story of our great southern land. But even through all the heartache and all the damage—hope seems to be the thing that shines out from beneath the embers.

This is what I’m seeing now, in Oklahoma. People are uniting. They are working together. They are taking things one step at a time, because really, what else can you do?

They speak of heroes being born; teachers covering children to protect them. Yes, they are absolute heroes.  But I believe the true hero in any natural disaster, the hero that sometimes gets forgotten, is the human spirit.

And thank God. This spirit is something we are all born with.

I know this is meant to be a pregnancy blog and I’m sorry for the diversion. I just think that it was important for me to acknowledge this from my current position. Because even though I’m not a mother yet, I can sense what is coming. I just know that when I have my own baby to protect in this world, I’ll be experiencing the pain of these natural disasters from a whole new perspective.

I think this is just my way of preparing.


What do you think?

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