How Early is Too Early?

ImageHow early is too early? That’s what I’ve been wondering.

Even before Mister C and I started trying to conceive—I couldn’t help it. I just had to buy the books. What to expect when you’re expecting. What to expect before you’re expecting. You know the drill.

But my question is: have I peeked too early? My worry is that by the time I actually do become pregnant I’ll have run out of pregnancy books to peruse!

To combat this very real issue, I have set some boundaries.  I have three books to help me through pre conception. And until I am ‘up the duff’, those three will be it.

Some of my other rules are as follows:

 Rule number 1: My google searches must be limited to pre-conception only.

Curious about maternity clothes? Too bad Miss Cookas! Those kinds of searches will have to wait for the BFP (Big Fat Positive—don’t you love all the crafty acronyms used in internet land?!)

Rule Number 2: Absolutely NO baby clothes or books. None. Not even a glance down the baby isle at target. No Miss Cookas. Put down that teddy!

You might think all these boundaries and rules are silly. And if you do, I don’t blame you. I can be a bit weird sometimes. But the thing is I just want to leave some mystery for my pregnancy. I want to save the magic of being an expectant mother for when I actually become an expectant mother.

For now, I’m just trying to savour the moments I have alone with my precious Mister C. I’ll enjoy my sleep ins. I even had a moment of clarity when picking Mister C up from the bar the other night at mid night—this is a symbol of my last years of true freedom.

Me and Mister C were only just talking about that the other day—how much we’ll miss it being just us. But at the same time: we are so excited to share our special love with another.

And that’s where baby comes in.

5 thoughts on “How Early is Too Early?

  1. I never heard of BFP before :). I learn something new everyday.” What to expect when you are expecting” is a great book.


  2. I felt as though I was reading my own blog. My exact thoughts and habits. Only that I went a little further. I have books on everything including parenting. A little over the top perhaps. But that’s me, I just need to know everything. and everything about everything. So the two week wait is not at all easy. All the best with your TTC efforts. As much as I am big on intuition, this has been the only time it has failed me. TTC. I don’t know why. So this time, I am just going to believe until I am proven otherwise. New motto: better the fool than the cynic


    • Hi Culture Councel! It’s so great that we all share a similar pathway on this ttc journey:) And although we do have such similar thought patterns when it comes to the business off ttc: it is so interesting to see the way we all deal with them. ie- some people chart, some people (like me) monitor (ehem, tmi warning ) bodily fluids. We are all different in the way that we work- so go you with the books I say:) Only you know what’s best for you! 😀 xx Miss C


  3. If it makes you feel any more “normal,” I have 3 preconception books, 3 pregnancy guides, and even a book on birthing. The first few were purchased over a year before my intended month of conception (now). And the most recent, I got 5 months ago. Like you, I forced myself to stop. Also very much like you, I feel like I’d rather know about what happens when before it actually happens than after.

    Nothing wrong with being prepared. 😉


    • Ms Isabella! Thank goodness I’m not alone on the book front 😀 I am glad I’ve had my books. They’ve given me something to dream towards as we’ll as giving me some useful info that will no doubt come in handy at some point anyhow! 😀 xx


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