Me and My Inner Voice

There is something to be said about intuition.

As much as I like to think there is a rhyme or reason for most things in life—I am yet to find the logic behind that little voice in my head that seems to know everything.

Where does she come from and how does she know that stuff?

This month, as I was faithfully hoping that my period would not arrive, she spoke to me. She said, ‘You are not pregnant. You need to deal with this. Stop trying to search for signs to prove me wrong.’

And what do you know? She was right. My period came right on time.

Even though, in my conscious mind, I knew that there was every chance that I could be pregnant—my inner voice was telling me otherwise. Of course, I chose not to believe her. Who wants to pay attention to the little angel on their shoulder when she is giving them bad news?

Some women say they experience no pregnancy symptoms at all. Some women say they just knew they were pregnant. But how did they know? That’s what makes this intuition business so hard to believe.  What logic lies behind the phenomenon? What is the science?

Maybe that’s our problem these days. Maybe we rely too much on modern science and logic. It seems to me that our early ancestors had no problems avoiding dinosaurs without fitting them with a GPS tracker.

I didn’t need my inner voice to tell me that I was a little disappointed not to be pregnant this month. That was obvious. And only natural.

But on the other side of the coin: now I could have a glass of wine, something I’d been holding off just in case the oven was with bun.

You see? Things aren’t all that bad if you look at the glass half full.

Especially when that glass is half full of wine.


What do you think?

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