Dr Google and the First Trimester

The delights of the first trimester can vary so drastically from woman to woman. As you all know, I’m close to reaching 14 weeks of pregnancy.  And while I have all the books that tell me what most women seem to go through in the first trimester, the problem is: I don’t appear to be anything like ‘most women’.

Week six had arrived and I was quaking in my boots. I’d heard a lot of people say that this is when the dreaded nausea and vomiting began, and knowing exactly what vomiting feels like (unfortunately I have been prone to a hangover or two in the past)I wasn’t all that keen to meet the toilet at that angle again.

Thankfully, my Doctor is a cautious one so at 7 weeks he called me in for a scan, just to make sure that the pregnancy was viable. And thank God he did because, at that point, I was getting ridiculous. I’d been consulting Dr Google constantly and the what if’s were starting to drive me crazy. What if the baby had implanted in a tube? What if the heart had never begun to beat? I wasn’t feeling any symptoms, so I just didn’t know.

I arrived at the Doctors office, desperate for a pee, but really just wanting to know that everything was okay with my tiny little person. I lay on the table. I wondered if the Doctor was nervous. Surely he knew there was a chance that this baby just might not be where we wanted it to be. I can’t imagine having to be the one to tell an expectant mother that her precious baby had never developed a beating heart.

He took the gel, smeared it over my tummy and applied the wand. When the black screen came into focus, I really had no idea what I was looking at. Then I saw it. A tiny little shape that looked a little bit like a tiny teddy bear.  And inside that teddy bear… a beautiful little flutter. The heartbeat. It was so, so tiny, but very definitely there.

I told the Doctor how relieved I was. I asked if it was okay that I wasn’t having any symptoms and his response was sweet. ‘We have a heartbeat. That is all we wanted. If you are not having any symptoms: consider yourself one of the lucky ones.’


5 thoughts on “Dr Google and the First Trimester

  1. I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and am practically symptom-less. From the very beginning there was absolutely nothing (accept for sore boobs in the very very early beginning) that pointed at me being pregnant. I actually remember going to the first ultrasound thinking “what if there’s actually nothing in there?” I also had absolutely no weight gain up until 18-19 weeks of pregnancy… But now, oh man, am I gaining weight… There’s just one way to deal with this: one day at a time and whatever will be will be, right?


    • Absolutely, it really is a matter of taking it a day at a time. And I definitely feel a lot happier now that trimester one is over and I am starting to get a tiny little belly. At least I can see bubs growing now. In the first trimester, with no showing, and no symptoms…it really is just a matter of taking things day at a time and hoping for the best, isn’t it! xx


  2. Isn’t it weird that everyone who has symptoms is so miserable and unhappy…and everyone who doesn’t lives in daily fear that something is just not right? I suppose we should just be thankful, but everyone worries, right?


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