Things that go Bump

Pregnancy is a curious thing. How it all starts is a miracle beyond any social norm known to man. I mean really, a sperm and an egg becomes a person, with no instruction manual needed? Truly, I marvel at the wonders of it all.

And with very few symptoms to show for my tiny little lodger, I now declare, bring on the next miracle in the process: ‘the baby bump’!

At nearly 15 weeks pregnant, I can now see the little tacker poking out to say hello. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. Most Mums to be say that the first trimester is the hardest due to all the sickness and unpleasant symptoms. For me, it was hardest because I had very little proof that a baby was actually in there! Now, trimester two has arrived and I can finally see my baby growing.

But here, I also find myself in the most awkward of phases. The podgy belly phase. Granted, my friends know that I am pregnant so it would be no surprise to them that I am thickening around the waist a little. In fact, I hope they’ve spotted my tiny belly and had a little smile to themselves.

But I really am so proud of this little miracle: I can’t wait for the rest of the population to look at me and know that my little belly is actually evidence of a real baby, and not a ‘food’ baby.

There really is no lovelier sight than a pregnant belly. We’ve all seen them around. Some of you may have even had one. Seeing a pregnant lady walking around a supermarket, you just can’t help but feel excited for her and what this might mean for her and her family.

Of course, I know that when I am 500 weeks pregnant I will be looking back at this post and shaking my head. It will be summer in Australia. It will be hot. It will be gross. In fact, I am already anticipating the lack of sleep and the constant ‘bump rage’.

But at the end of it all Mr C, Baby C and me: we will be a family of three.

And that is just the coolest thing ever.


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