From Here to 33 Weeks

Thirty three weeks pregnant. That’s what I am, and I’m only moving closer to the day that I get to meet my sweet little person.

It seems such a long time ago that I held that little stick in my hand and tried to believe that the two lines actually did mean that I was pregnant. Of course, at the time, it was all just a little too surreal for me to comprehend. I remember the moment clearly. I took the test and tried my very hardest not to even glance at the stick as I entered the lounge room, where my husband was nervously waiting for me. It was only our second month of trying so I supposed the chances of the stick showing up with those two precious lines were slim. Regardless, I took the test, placed it on the coffee table, sat down in front of it and tried to act cool. And considering there was a possibility that, in two minutes, I could very well be receiving some life changing news, I was pretty calm.

The three- minute waiting period was up. I looked at Mr C and declared, ‘Okay. Let’s have a look.’ I stood up, holding the stick between my thumb and pointer finger, and looked. In a moment, Mr C had made his way over to where I stood and was looking over my shoulder. Two lines. The second line was so very faint, and yet, clearly, there were two lines showing.

By that time, I’d already seen so many you tube clips of reactions to positive pregnancy tests. I knew how it was supposed to go. I was supposed to start blubbering and Mr C’s face was supposed to light up like a Christmas tree. But we just stood there and looked at each other, completely and utterly confused. ‘Oh my god,’ I said, trying to hold back the smile that was really trying to crack me. ‘Does this mean I am pregnant?’ Now, you may be thinking: two lines, pregnant, right? Well, yes, I knew that was the theory behind it all but still, I was having severe trouble trusting this. I mean, this was a plastic stick. How could it possibly know that my body had just created a little human?

It really was the most bizarre moment. The faintness of the line didn’t help. I was still yet to reach my period due date, so any conception must have been fresh. But I was sure that I’d learnt, from Dr Google, of course, that no matter how faint the second line: you. are. pregnant. And that’s what I told Mr C.

For about five minutes, we googled what other faint positive tests looked like and decided that it was probably okay to get a little excited, but since it was the afternoon, we should try another test in the morning. First morning pee was apparently the goods.

We would wait. But, secretly, in my heart, I knew there was no point in holding back the celebration. We had made a baby.



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