Misscookas and the good baby stuff

There are so many negative things thrown out there about pregnancy and early parenthood. You WILL get terrible morning sickness. You WILL suffer through late pregnancy in summer. You WILL be severely sleep deprived for the first few months of bubs life. You WILL struggle to find time for a shower. Yes, I can see how all of these things might happen. But guess what? They didn’t happen to me. You all know the story of my pregnancy and how Baby C came into this world. Now I feel it’s really important to share the next part of my story, because I believe a positive attitude can do wonders in the world of baby making. At least, it did for me. I won’t say that things have been super smooth sailing for the first 9 weeks of baby C’s life. At four weeks I was hospitalised with mastitis, yuck. Yes, the boobys said no, and took me down. As for the rest, compared to what I was expecting, it’s been a dream. Let me explain, in list format.

  • The sleep deprivation:

Baby C does not sleep through the night. Obviously, he can’t just yet: he needs to eat. So, I wake at least twice to feed him. I am awake for up to an hour at each night feed and yet, during the day, I don’t feel sleep deprived. Why? Baby C goes straight back to sleep after night time booby. And so does Mummy. Most times, Baby C allows me a little sleep in too, so this is how I catch up on missed sleep. No need for me to sleep during the day.

  • The shower:

This one is my favourite. Pre baby, I was so scared that I would have a screaming baby, sitting outside of the shower, on his rocker, breaking his little heart. Nope! Baby C happily lies in his little bassinet for at least five minutes while Mummy enjoys, and I mean really enjoys, a hot shower. Every day. Sometimes, I choose to have a bath during one of his nap times. I figure it’s important to allow myself those little me time moments. Because, yes, there are far less of them when Baby C is awake.

  • The inconsolable crying:

Baby C doesn’t do crying. He does whinge when something is up, you know, like if he is tired or hungry. Of course, he has his moments, like when he is super hungry and we are in the car. Boy. He does do crying then. But for the most part, he is just a pretty chilled baby.This was a huge shock to me. Before I became Mummy Miss Cookas, I just figured there would be daily, regular intervals of crying, and unsettledness during the new born period. No. Happy babies do exist.

So, there you have it. Pregnancy and early baby-ness can be blissful, despite all the rumours to the contrary. Like anything new in life, there are adjustments to be made. I can’t lie about that. Life has changed for us. But me and Mr C have just gone with the flow, and the flow has flowed pretty good. So far, anyway. And please don’t be mistaken. I am not writing this post in an effort to brag about how wonderful everything is for me, and poo poo to all the others out there who don’t have the smooth ride that Mr C and I are currently experiencing. I just really feel like we focus far too much on the negative aspects of life sometimes. And although I do believe that it is important to brace yourself for the worst, I also think it is important to look forward to what could be a completely beautiful and peaceful ride.

All people are different, and so, all babies are different. If baby one was a nightmare, baby two might be a dream. Or vice versa, of course. Like me, if this is your first baby, all I can say is: prepare as much as you can. Do your baby research and practice with real life babies as much as you can. But at the end of the day, don’t forget to trust your instincts when it comes to your baby. You WILL learn what your baby needs. You WILL adjust to the life changes that come with being a new parent—even if it does take a while.

I love that I can look to my next baby experience with an open mind. It might be all smooth sailing again, or I might have a terrible time of it (please God, no!). But it is good to know that the positives do exist. And it’s extra good to embrace them when they happen. After all, it feels nice to be a booby half full kinda girl.


6 thoughts on “Misscookas and the good baby stuff

  1. It was wonderful to read your positivity. I think people complain about the hard stuff way too much. My first was a really needy baby but I had a wonderful time through the pregnancy and early days. My pregnancy now is the most wonderful thing ever! I think I’m feeling so great because I’m taking better care of myself. Lots of rest, health food, sunshine. I can’t wait to meet my baby in a few weeks but I’m going to miss being pregnant. This last trimester is so awesome. I enjoy each day.


    • Aww, onetuffmumma. That is so awesome to hear. It takes me back to the last trimester of my pregnancy! I miss my bump so much, but glad it’s turned into my beautiful boy, too 😀 Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for a pretty happy family time when bubby two comes your way. Seriously, nothing is more magical than waiting for baby. xx


  2. Absolutely agree! Same goes for the nightmarish birth stories you get to listen to. My little one is almost 4 months now, and it isn’t always smooth sailing, but there are just far more enjoyable moments we should focus on.


    • That’s right! I think sometimes it’s easy to get sucked in by the negativity and that only makes things worse when you’re going through such a huge life change. Honestly, yes there are moments of frustration, but I’d rather discuss the amazing bits of being a Mum. And the labour stories! I prefer to talk about how amazing and primal the experience is: because labour is out of this world! xx


  3. Love this! I’m 33 weeks with my first baby and all I hear is negative things! You’ll be massive soon, you won’t see your feet, you’ll never sleep well again, you’ll be covered in poop and sick, you and the husband don’t know what’s coming too you!

    I always think to myself “but if it was that bad why do people have more babies?!” Surely there are positives to talk about too but no one seems to mention them! Personally I’m quite excited to meet my little princess! 🙂


    • Oh my gosh! 33 weeks. Aww. I found from then on in my pregnancy to be the best part. I just loved my bump to bits! And I know! Even recently, I told my mother in law what a dream it was that I was still able to enjoy my shower, and her response was something like:’well, that probably won’t last’. It was sad because I thought, really can we just be positive and happy just to live in the moment. I laughed when my father in law stood up to her and said, actually, in your experience it didn’t go so smoothly, but in hers it may. Yes! Enjoy those last precious weeks with the bump and even more, enjoy meeting your precious little one. It is really just something else. In a good way! xx


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