The life and times of primal me

Imagine this. You are quietly observing a bird’s nest. The Mother bird tenderly places a worm into the tiny beak of her young. She nuzzles the top of her baby’s wing as if to encourage a big gulp. The pure innocence of the moment is so captivating—you do not dare to look away.
This is the animal kingdom. We, humans, despite all of our rules and regulations, are just another species in this kingdom where carnivore eats carnivore and plants are served as a side dish. Sure, we are an intelligent species. But we are so like our animal relatives. We really are.

Baby C came into the world five months ago. During his birth—when I found myself involuntarily grunting like a wild bear—I met primal me. She came out at the height of each contraction and dominated every ounce of my rational mind. She jerked and twisted my body as if to remind me that she was in charge now, not me.

And even though primal me scared the pants off me, there was no denying it— she was intriguing. In fact, she was so damn cool I couldn’t believe that she was a part of daggy old me! Not only did she make me a Mummy but she has been helping me figure it all out, ever since Baby C popped on out of the belly.

So, in honour of the awesome new women we become, post Mummy-ness, I’ve decided I’d like to share the 5 things I’ve loved most about meeting primal me.

1. The beautiful need for skin on skin contact with my smooth bummed little one. It was the way he started life: all nudie and squid-like. I never want to forget that feeling.

2. Tiger woman. When I see hot coffee moving toward my baby, however confident the waiter, tiger woman is ready to pounce and protect. How crazy awesome is the maternal instinct?

3. The way I feel when my baby smiles at me. Five months have passed since his birth and that smile still takes me to marshmallow land.

4. Watching Mr C dote over our little cub. Sure, my spunky hubby had me at hello. But now, Mr C is my ‘Daddy hero’.

5. The new found confidence I’ve found within myself. My womanhood. My body. When I was pregnant, I’d never felt more beautiful. Or more sexy. Even at 39 weeks pregnant.

Scratch that.

Especially at 39 weeks pregnant.

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