‘Dad, Mum said F**k’

I have a problem.

You see, I have a 6 month old baby boy who will one day understand, and repeat, every single word that comes out of my mouth. Every. Single. Word.

Like, the ‘F’ word. I’ll probably say it at some point. Baby C will hear it. Then, say it. Probably at the worst possible moment. And here is my problem. You see, I find that the ‘F’ word rolls off the tongue exceptionally well.

F*%$. See what I mean? You can sort of just spit it out and not even notice that you’ve said it.

I don’t swear often—however much Mister C would beg to differ—and I certainly don’t advocate swearing, especially not within ear shot of innocent babes. I’m just saying, bad habits are hard to break and my Son may witness this first hand, at some point in his young life.

Take my Mum, for example. (Hi Mum!)

One day, she decided to take me, her sweet, little, curly mopped three year old (pictured below), to do the grocery shopping. We were driving along, that fateful day, when, all of a sudden, a lady pulled out in front of Mum; very nearly causing a crash. Adrenalin surged and Mum reacted as any 23 year old Mother would in that situation. How is that, you ask? Well. Like this:

‘Get out of the ‘F&^%$n way!’

Yeah. Oops.

Finally, we arrived at the super market. Into the trolley I went (yay!) and our great shopping adventure began. When the time came to checkout, there was a queue. As the lady in front of us began to unload her things onto the conveyer belt, she looked at me sitting so peacefully in the trolley, then she smiled at mum. What a cutie, she probably thought. I mean, look at that hair.

Then it happened.

That precious curly haired babe opened her mouth, and this is what she said:

‘Get out of the f&^%$n way!’

Yeah. Ooops.

With all that said, you live and you learn. So, to avoid moments like these with my little mate, I’m thinking I might start a swear jar.

You know. Just in case.

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10 thoughts on “‘Dad, Mum said F**k’

  1. Love this! So true! Bad habits are hard to break. I don’t swear. At all. Unlesssss… I’m angry. A few times I have dropped something, it breaks of course, and out comes D@%# it. And of course my very observant 3 year old happens to be standing right there listening to every word. Ugh!

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  2. Ha ha! So true! I’ve been guilty of letting loose around other peoples children, more so when I wasn’t a mum. Every time, the minute it happened I’d realise what I’d done! Oops. :p


  3. This is funny… as my boys are getting older I am very much conscious of what comes out of my mouth. I’ve done good so far, but I’m sure it’ll happen someday that I slip, and they’ll repeat it…because they have to! Too bad I can’t control what comes out of everyone’s mouths around them though 😳


  4. ha! Yes, our son is in full “Parrot mode” repeating literally everything we say. When something inappropriate pops out, my husband and I look at each other like, oops, And try not to make an even bigger deal about it…


    • OMG Krista, I so wrote a reply to your comment the other day and now I see it’s missing. I probably didn’t press send. What a loser! Ha ha! Any way, I too am a sarcasm queen so I’m afraid I too will be raising a spirited bunch! ;p


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