A Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

What’s so great, is that It happened when I least expected it. It was a little dose of sunshine. And boy did it brighten my day.

Late last week, I decided to walk to Mister C’s new work. It’s only a half an hour walk from our house, so I decided to leave at 4:30 pm with the aim of driving home with Mister C after work had finished for the day.

I packed little Baby C into his pram and off we went. (Just a side note, I love taking Baby C for rides in the pram because, every time, I am met with the most beautiful smiles. I think it’s his way of saying, ‘Mum, thanks for getting me out of the house. By the way, you are AWESOME.’)

I was expecting this walk to be exactly that. A walk. A plain old boring walk, just to stretch my legs and get a bit of fresh air. And that’s the way it was rolling for most the trip, until I spotted a little old lady up ahead. She was hobbling toward me, slowed by the weight of her boxy walking frame. She had dark olive skin, so I guessed that she was of Italian descent.

We were about to cross paths when she stopped me. She looked down at baby C and smiled one of the most joy filled smiles I had ever seen. Her eyes positively sparkled as she looked down at my little boy.

Just another sweet old lady stopping to tell me how gorgeous my baby is.

But no.

In a melodic Italian accent, she gushed, ‘I have swapped, you see! I used to push the pram, and now I push this!’ She gestured from the pram to her walking frame and giggled as her eyes drifted off to some place far away. It was as if she was sifting through fond memories of when it were she who powered along with her own babies snug in their pram.

I stood with the old lady for about thirty seconds and together we laughed at the absurdity of life and all its twists and turns. Then she walked on.

I looked down at Baby C. He was busy sucking the life out of his teething ring, oblivious to the exchange that had just taken place. But as I continued walking, I thought of that sweet old lady and her funny observation. I chuckled out loud. I could feel my chest filling with a warm, happy buzz and I couldn’t help but smile.

I made a mental note to remember that old lady. Maybe I was meant to meet her. I don’t know. But I do know this. That moment was a gift.

A nice, warm, fuzzy gift.

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