Spring, Baby and Me.

It’s a moment that happens only once every year. In that moment, a warm breeze skims over my skin. I know that moment so well.

There’s no mistaking the feeling, or what it means.

                                                                                     Spring is here.

photo (11)

This year, spring has sprung in the most beautiful of ways. Because this year, I am a Mum. My little boy has already met the sun and its glorious warmth. But today, for the first time, I saw him recognise it. Today, as we stepped out into the sun, my little boy smiled the happiest of smiles.

                                                                                 Yes, spring is here.

photo (12)

I placed my baby down on the soft grass, underneath the clothes line, and watched as he observed his new world from the ground up. He grabbed his feet and clapped them together, joyous and grateful to have escaped the stuffy confines of the house.

He looked so…free. So at home on that rich, emerald grass.

And the Sun was just there, humming along.

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