Green Eggs and Baby

Do you want to sleep til late?
Oh no, you don’t? You will not wait?
A sloppy kiss for Mummy’s chin,
Please stop! Your teeth are digging in.

Now, would you like to read a book?
A funny book? Let’s have a look.
The book is not to eat my sweet,
Let’s read the book. Let’s read, not eat.

I guess this means you want some food?
You’ve spat it out, how very rude.
A pumpkin coloured carpet stain,
A Mummy who will take the blame.

We’re running late, get in the car,
Come on, we won’t be going far.
You will not sit in your car seat?
Oh, jeepers creepers, Mummy’s beat.

But when the sun goes down to rest,
That’s when you’re at your very best.
Your Daddy sings to you in bed,
While Mummy pats your little head.

Our precious baby, quiet and calm,
So safe in bed, away from harm,
You’re sound asleep now, precious one,
And dreaming of your day of fun.

Written by Miss Cookas.

photo (14)

 You are welcome to share the daggy, rhyming, love. xx

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