The Baby in The Rain

Yesterday, I took my baby boy out in the rain for the first time.

photo (16)
We just stood there, together. Feeling the rain on our skin.
His face scrunched up as he felt the first drop on his little nose. His eyes blinked. He looked all around as if to look for it. But he wouldn’t find it. Rain is sneaky like that.

It was soft rain and it was warm outside. That’s the best kind of rain. The kind of rain you want to stand in. The kind of rain that makes you stop and realise that this big world of ours is far more magical than it might seem.

We forget to savour these little things. Life gets busy, we forget to stop.
It’s okay to stop. Just. Stop.

My baby boy turned 7 months old this week. I’m so glad I stopped to let him feel the rain.

photo (15)

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