A Heart That Smiles. Blogtober 1st.

There are two kinds of smiles.The first is the kind that happens when you see something that makes you happy.

Like this.

PicMonkey Collage (1)I need you to know: these images makes me very happy. And they certainly put a smile on my face.

But I’ve found that now that I am a Mum, my heart has turned into a great big chocolate sponge cake. Which brings me to the next kind of smile. The kind that makes your heart feel like it is full of sunshine. The kind that creeps up on you when you’re looking at your child, the beautiful, innocent mini person that relies on you to get them through their days.

It’s a heart smile. And this is how it feels.

 grass_and_the_sky_background_195809 (2)


4 thoughts on “A Heart That Smiles. Blogtober 1st.

    • Firstly, I LOVE that you call her your littlest and only 🙂 Secondly, I couldn’t agree more. If only everyone embraced their inner child more. What a magical place the world would be 😀 xx


    • Thank you 🙂 The heart smiles really are just the best aren’t they. And with the amount of chocolate I have eaten in my lifetime, I am so surprised that more of me has not turned into chocolate sponge cake!


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