The Greatest Gift. Blogtober 3rd.


I have a little tale to tell, a tale of hope and joy,
It’s all about the day that I met you, my little boy.
I woke at 4am that day, let out a great big yawn,
But still I had no clue at all that you would soon be born!

You kicked and said, ‘Good morning Mum, I’m still in here, you know!’
I rubbed my belly tenderly, my heart began to glow.
Because I knew that soon I’d meet my precious little one,
I thought of what awaited me, a world so full of fun.

At 9 am my belly simply wasn’t feeling right,
It felt a little tender and perhaps a little tight.
So up I got to start the day, and then before I knew,
You’d pressed your exit button while I sat upon the loo!

At 3pm the Doctor said, ‘It’s not too far away.
I think you’re going to have this little babe of yours today!’
And then my body took the reins, you really wanted out,
My belly twisted out of shape and I began to shout!

Before I knew it I was grunting like an angry cow,
I told the nurse that she should get you out of there somehow!
But no, she said I had to wait, you’d come in your own time,
Oh goodness, no, I can’t do this without a vodka, lime!

But then the time did come at last, just like she said it would,
I scrunched my face and huffed and puffed, I gave all that I could.
Then in a moment you were here, so precious and so small,
And that’s the day that you became my greatest gift of all.

Written By Miss Cookas. 
Dedicated to my little mate…
who was worth every minute of it.

Once again, you are all welcome to share this smile. xx

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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift. Blogtober 3rd.

  1. Such a great poem! I love that you write to your baby boy. I also used to write poems to my first born boy. Before blogs. I kept them all in a three ring binder. He is 19 now and I swear and you will see…it seems like just yesterday. Your poem brought me straight back.

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    • That is so precious! Yes, I actually have a little book for him where I write down his story (well I try, I’m a bit slack!) My mum did the same for me and it just means so much to me now. I knew I had to do the same when I had my bubby 😀 xx


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