The Tale of Two Ugly Birds. Blogtober 6th.

George and Zilma live in my garden. Usually they sit side by side, on the fence, underneath the love heart tree.

I’m not sure if they’re in love, or not. But they are always together.

They are ugly birds. Their grey feathers are dull and messy. And they are grotty, like a toddler with a line of green snot running from nose to lip. Except, they are birds. Grotty, snotty birds.

I first discovered the pair, quite by accident. I was playing with Baby C and there they were, out the window, huddled together on the fence. It was the coldest of days. I supposed they were trying to keep warm. But then again, they may have just been in love. Either way, it was pretty cute. Even if they were ugly birds.

The next day, there they were, huddled together again. I grabbed the camera but as soon as I took aim, one of them flew off and landed on the neighbour’s clothes line. It was a shame, but then, probably a blessing. Who wants a photo of ugly birds?

When they were there again the next day, I saw a pattern and I smiled. I have pet birds. I named them George and Zilma after a sweet old couple Mister C and I met, once upon a time. They looked like they would be sweet birds once you got to know them.

Such ugly birds. But that’s okay.

They make me smile.

IMG_0010grass_and_the_sky_background_195809 (2)

9 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Ugly Birds. Blogtober 6th.

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  3. You write so well. I’m captivated! I so want to see George and Zilma….oh the mystery! I can only close my eyes and imagine and with your words, that’s easy to do. I also adore your heart tree very much being a collector of hearts myself…and feathers. The combination this morning is just perfect in my world.

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    • That is SO wonderful, Life in the Wylde west 😀 Funnily enough, Heirhe and Zia weren’t sitting in their fence today! 😦 I hope they are okay! Even if they were, I’ve tried afew times to take a photo, but every single time, one big them flies off! Camera shy ;p Thanks so much for your kind words!!! Oh, and I LOVE that you are a collector of love hearts!!! xx


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