Baby’s Best Friend. Blogtober 9th.

That funny baby was there again this morning.

He lives behind the big, shiny thing on Mummy and Daddy’s wall. Mummy says that thing is a mirror, but she is wrong. It is actually that funny baby’s house. I try to touch him sometimes but my fingers just bash against the shiny thing and bounce off it again. They make a big mess, too. I don’t think Mummy likes that very much.

But, oh boy! He’s such a funny baby! Every time I see him, he’s always smiling. Always. He really likes me, you know. I can tell he does. Usually we just look at each other and smile really, really big. But sometimes we roar at each other with big loud scary voices, like lions do. Mummy says we are the best of friends, me and that funny baby.

Yesterday, Mummy ran toward the big shiny thing, with me in her arms. My eyes turned really big because I was frightened. We nearly ran into that funny baby. We nearly knocked over that funny baby! I could see that he was frightened, just like me. The poor baby. Mummy really shouldn’t do scary things like that.

Yeah. I really like that funny baby. I hope I get to see him again tomorrow.

You know. So we can roar at each other again.

baby-looking-in-mirror-istock-300x199 Note: This is not my baby. Just some random, cute, roaring baby.

grass_and_the_sky_background_195809 (2)

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