The Smiling Baby. Blogtober 17.

Here there lives a baby boy. A bouncing, smiling, baby boy.


Why do you smile so, baby boy? Is it the friends you keep?


Is it the Sun? Does it tingle your skin? Does it warm your face as you watch the clouds tumble along?


Or is it the wind? Does it take your breath away? Does it scatter your wishes into the sky?


Is it Daddy, who entertains you and plays all of your boyish games? Or is it Mummy, who holds you to her cheek and kisses you softly while you dream?


It is, isn’t it, baby boy? It is all of those things. All of life’s beautiful colours.

I see now, baby boy. I see why you smile, so.

IMG_0421grass_and_the_sky_background_195809 (2)

Why don’t you share a smile today, too? xx Love, Miss Cookas

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