The Very Happy Sippy Cup. Blogtober 29th.

This is Sippy.

Explora sippy cup

This is the very cheeky baby. You remember him, don’t you?


The very cheeky baby thought that Sippy was a most excellent toy.

He would shake Sippy.

              And bang Sippy.

                                               And throw Sippy.

This made Sippy feel sad. He didn’t want to be treated like a toy.

PicMonkey Collage (23)

But then, Sippy discovered that he was not alone!

The bowls…

Ikea childrens bowls

…had become a toy snail!

Imaginative play


                                                               The spoons…

Ikea Childrens cutlery

…had become drumsticks.


They had also become oars, used to sail the seven seas!



Even his best sippy friend was a toy!

Nubby Sippy cupA super toy who could fly through the sky and save the day!!


From that day on, Sippy was surrounded by fun and games and laughter.

Yes. He was a very happy sippy cup, indeed.



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