The Smile That Never Ends

Modern life can be messy.

The world-wide web is overflowing with people who want to be heard. And they are heard, for good, or for bad.

Some of these people think that they are right and that others are wrong.

Some of these people want the world to change. And they want to be the one to change it.

But, me. What can I possibly add to this web of worry, judgement, and inspiration?

I can’t give you a piece that is going to fight the good fight or change the world.

I am just…me. There is only so much that I can give. Only so much that I want to give.

To the world, I am small.Β But to the people in my world I am bigger than the sea.

I love my husband.

I love my family.

And by George I love watching my precious baby boy discover his world.

None of that is going to break the internet. And none of that is likely to change the world.

But all of that is good enough for me.




IMG_1072Β Β IMG_1069




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