Where wild things go (A day at Australia Zoo)

This is the place where wild things go to dance their wild dances…
Asian Lion Statue Australia Zoo

And walk their wild walks waddles.

Giant Tortoise Australia Zoo

How very beautiful you are, wild thing. And how very slow.

Giant Tortoise Australia Zoo

Oh, wild thing, why do you wear your woolen jacket? You must be hot…

Australia Zoo

The sun shines so brightly today.

Palm Tree Australia Zoo

What is it, wild thing? Did I say something wrong? Should I turn and run?

Emu Australia Zoo

Oh. No, wait. You’ve just got your eyes closed.

Sleep on, wild thing.

Sleep on.

There are wild things here in this place.

Tiger Australia Zoo

But they are more like us than we know.

Tiger Australia Zoo

You really are so beautiful. Aren’t you, wild things?

Koala Australia Zoo

Koala Australia ZooMother and Baby Koala Australia Zoo

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