Dancing Shadows. Blogtober 2nd.

I saw a shadow dance today,

I watched it all unfold,

The darkness kept the light in time,

A moment to behold.


The child within me clapped her hands,

She watched them twist and sway,

The tango of the dark and light,

Had truly made her day.


The stage had dappled in the light,

The darkness stood its ground,

But pretty soon the shadow dance,

Was nowhere to be found.


The sun had moved behind the house,

I crossed my fingers tight,

And there it was! My shadow dance;

An afternoon delight!


Although the dance had changed a bit,

It was a sight to see,

And now the wind had joined the fun;

He’d found a dancing tree!


Oh, goodbye dancing dark and light,

Sweet dreams, my lovely pair,

I’ll meet you in the morning sun,

Tomorrow, if you dare.


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3 thoughts on “Dancing Shadows. Blogtober 2nd.

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