The Car Wash. Blogtober 9th.

It’s toddler’s first trip to the car wash, today.

What a splishy, sploshy adventure this will be!


There’s all sorts of fun to be had at the car wash.


So many moments to seize.IMG_6555


Ah! The characters you’ll find at the car wash!

Now, these guys know how to put on a good show.


Oh, the froth monster? Don’t worry about him.

He’s harmless.

It’s his pesky high pressured friend you’ve got to look out for.

That fella is a real toe biter…


That’s why Mummy came prepared.

Smart, Mummy.


It’s such hard work at the car wash.

Come on,boys. Let’s go home.

The froth monster looks like he could use the rest.


Blogtober promo pic

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