Where is the baby in the Herb Garden? Blogtober 10th.

There used to be a baby in my herb garden.


Oh, how that baby took my breath away.

How he made my heart sing.

Him and his chunky feet.


And his little sausage fingers.

How they delighted in their new world.


Oh, my poor herb garden; lost to the seasons, harsh and cold.

And the baby. He’s gone now, too.

But just look at who has taken his place.


The wide eyed toddler.

Curious and wild.

Happy and cross, all at the same time.

And today, in this moment, he is wondering…


Whatever happened to the herb garden?


One day it will be time.

And when it is, I’ll tell him with kindness:

All things grow and change.

Just like him.


Just like my baby in the herb garden.


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