The Littlest Picasso. Blogtober 13th.

 Picasso came around today, I kid you not, it’s true.

I asked him for his very best, an art work bright and new.

IMG_6813 (1)

At first he took some chalk in hand, he laughed at me and said,

‘This chalk looks far more lovely when it’s on the ground, instead!’

PicMonkey Collage

So then I thought that he might like to draw or glue and paste,

I hoped that all his art supplies, would not be left to waste.IMG_6835

At first he tried to rip and stick the funny paper down,

but soon enough the sticky glue had pasted on his frown.


‘No, no!’ he said,’This will not do, it simply is not right.

Please bring a coloured pencil and some paper, smooth and white!’


And that was when Picasso smiled his biggest, brightest smile,

a fine, fantastic masterpiece, his best in quite while.


Blogtober promo pic

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