A wonderful world of three. Blogtober 17th.

It’s hard to believe there was a time before we were three.

Just the two of us and our flippant, ‘young people’ ways.


We went back there today.

To that place where we so often roamed hand in hand.

Only one thing had changed.


Now, we were three.

We used to go off plan; turn down unknown paths in the hopes of finding something amazing.

Where once we lingered, now, we swiftly move past the temptation.

Happy toddler: happy life.


When we were two, we would have bought the giant bean. What a great coffee table prop; a conversation starter.

Now, we just pick it up and giggle.

And giggle just a little bit more.


That was my moment.

Not the bean.

The life. A new life in an old place.

And we were loving it just as much as before.

That old place; the one that whispered to us in our wide-eyed youth.

It was still sprinkled with magic.



Still teeming with life.


And so.much.colour.



But this time it was better.

This time, it was a wonderful world of three.


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