This very moment. Blogtober 20th.


I’m lounging on the couch, feet up, lap top on lap.

My mouth is burning.

Mister C cooked.

And there was chilli involved.

A second a go (not this very moment, but close enough) he turned to me and told me that his feet were burning.

It is a hot day.

I’ll give him that.

But this is something else, he said.

Some kind of chilli demon trying to escape from his feet.

Better out than in, I say.

But back to this very moment.

My fingers move quickly across the keys; bouncy, boot scooting fingers.


There are no boots on my fingers.

But they are bouncing and scooting.

And, oh my goodness, they are making that tap, tap, tapping noise. It’s the opposite of fingernails on a blackboard.

It’s so tap, tap tappy… it’s calming.

And now it’s ruined.

A banging, clanging storm has hit.

All day it has been hot.

Not now.

Now there is rain and it’s loud.

Mr chilli feet has decided to go out onto the front porch and read to the tune of torrential rain.

I applaud his sense of adventure.

I applaud it.

From right here on my warm and snugly couch.

Ah. Some moments, hey?

Until tomorrow, then.

xx Miss Cookas.

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