The wild ways of a lovable toddler. Blogtober 21st.

It started out so well.

A fun and wondrous  game.

Some Mummy and Son fun.

Play-doh! squealed the toddler. Play-doh mat! Play-doh mat!


The Mummy got down on her hands and knees and began to pry off the lids with the tips of her fingers.

Dark blue! She said, in her up and down voice.




How to explain the colour turquoise to a toddler?


No need to explain.

Let’s just play!

And so they did.

They stacked as they sang.

Build em up, build em up, build em higher!



Oh, the hilarity!

Oh, the fun!

But time to get to the good bit.


Gooey, sticky play-doh.

Rolling and squashing it flat.

Building a most excellent creation!


And seeing it lose it’s head.

PicMonkey Collage

Oh dear.

A moment of destruction…


And a very amused Mummy.

Giggling away at the lovable toddler’s wild ways.

Blogtober promo pic

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