Flutter by, Butterfly. Blogtober 25th.

The little girl in my heart came alive today.

She remembered this place with such fondness.

The butterfly enclosure at Melbourne Zoo;

It was still there.

Exactly as five year old me remembered it.


It was wonder and whimsy and sparkle;

A million colours in the sky.

It was a toddler that found a new reason to smile.

A new reason to giggle.

It was just…




So full of lovely.


So full of moments.


Sadness lives far away from here.

That’s what the child within me whispered.

But adult me saw things that her innocent eyes could not see.


It did live here, after all.


Poor, poor butterfly.

So sad, but still able to fly.

A lucky break to hush her sadness.

A thousand beautiful friends.

All fluttering by to cheer her up.


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