The Baby in The Rain

Yesterday, I took my baby boy out in the rain for the first time.

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We just stood there, together. Feeling the rain on our skin.
His face scrunched up as he felt the first drop on his little nose. His eyes blinked. He looked all around as if to look for it. But he wouldn’t find it. Rain is sneaky like that.

It was soft rain and it was warm outside. That’s the best kind of rain. The kind of rain you want to stand in. The kind of rain that makes you stop and realise that this big world of ours is far more magical than it might seem.

We forget to savour these little things. Life gets busy, we forget to stop.
It’s okay to stop. Just. Stop.

My baby boy turned 7 months old this week. I’m so glad I stopped to let him feel the rain.

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Baby Lives Here

One thing that I was not truly prepared for in this pregnancy was the way I’d feel when people—strangers—finally began to notice, and comment on, my little baby belly.

Now that I am twenty one weeks pregnant, and showing, I have had exactly five brave strangers comment on my pregnancy. I say brave, because looking at me, I’m still small enough that I could just have a bit of a chubby belly. An exceptionally rounded belly, yet chubby all the same.

Lately, I have been working at a café in the small country town that I live in. It’s a bit of a tourist town, so we are always getting non-locals passing through. Every day, I find myself having lovely chats to customers from all walks of life, and it’s wonderful. The other day, one of these customers—a man in his fifties, I guessed—looked me up and down with a curious eye as I took his order.

‘I hope you don’t mind me asking,’ he said, sheepishly, ‘but are you…expecting?’

I was shocked. It was the first time anyone had said the words. Of course, I put him at ease right away.

‘Yes, I am pregnant,’ I said with a warm smile.

He was certainly glad that my response confirmed his suspicions. We both agreed that it would have made for a few awkward moments had he been wrong. In his case, he turned out to be quite the pregnancy pro. To my utter astonishment, he went on to guess, correctly might I add, that I was 20 weeks pregnant.  I was impressed, indeed.

As I walked away from his table, two things happened. The first was that I acknowledged that his bold question was exactly that: bold. I was sure I was still border line in the pregnant belly department.

But it was the second thing that happened that really made for a ‘moment’ in my life. My belly sticking out now meant that people were not just seeing me standing in front of them, but they were seeing me and my baby, together.

Ever since, it’s been me and my baby. Sure, things became real when I felt my little angels first kicks. But now that people are seeing and acknowledging my pregnancy, things have reached a whole new level of real.

And the really lovely part is: all of these pregnancy spotters—again, strangers—have been so genuinely excited for me. For the first time in my life, I am finding myself sharing in moments of real joy with multiple strangers, daily. It is refreshing. It’s been such a beautiful reminder of the human nature that we share.

We all know the miracle of life, but it is all around us. It is easy to forget how precious a miracle it all is. I suppose when we see a pregnant belly, that is our little reminder.

And my reminder is right here. Sticking out for all the world to see.


Things that go Bump

Pregnancy is a curious thing. How it all starts is a miracle beyond any social norm known to man. I mean really, a sperm and an egg becomes a person, with no instruction manual needed? Truly, I marvel at the wonders of it all.

And with very few symptoms to show for my tiny little lodger, I now declare, bring on the next miracle in the process: ‘the baby bump’!

At nearly 15 weeks pregnant, I can now see the little tacker poking out to say hello. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. Most Mums to be say that the first trimester is the hardest due to all the sickness and unpleasant symptoms. For me, it was hardest because I had very little proof that a baby was actually in there! Now, trimester two has arrived and I can finally see my baby growing.

But here, I also find myself in the most awkward of phases. The podgy belly phase. Granted, my friends know that I am pregnant so it would be no surprise to them that I am thickening around the waist a little. In fact, I hope they’ve spotted my tiny belly and had a little smile to themselves.

But I really am so proud of this little miracle: I can’t wait for the rest of the population to look at me and know that my little belly is actually evidence of a real baby, and not a ‘food’ baby.

There really is no lovelier sight than a pregnant belly. We’ve all seen them around. Some of you may have even had one. Seeing a pregnant lady walking around a supermarket, you just can’t help but feel excited for her and what this might mean for her and her family.

Of course, I know that when I am 500 weeks pregnant I will be looking back at this post and shaking my head. It will be summer in Australia. It will be hot. It will be gross. In fact, I am already anticipating the lack of sleep and the constant ‘bump rage’.

But at the end of it all Mr C, Baby C and me: we will be a family of three.

And that is just the coolest thing ever.