Fun in the Sun. Blogtober 5th.

We bought a pool yesterday. Just a little one.

For our littlest team mate to splash around in.

Okay, maybe for Mummy and Daddy to splash around in, too. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone.)


We thought the toddler would like it.

But no. He didn’t.

He loved it!

Every. single. splash.


We couldn’t have predicted it.

He stomped and swooshed.

He watered the garden.


He watered me.


And just when we thought the squeals had reached their highest note…

Guess who turned up to join in on the fun?

Yep. You guessed it. Our shadow dancers!


Then it was over. Just like that.

But the most precious moment was still to come.

Here it is.


It’s okay my precious little guy.

There’s always tomorrow.

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The Musical Baby. Blogtober 21st.

I used to call my piano, ‘My baby’. I’m not too sure what to call it now that I have a real baby.

It’s an electric piano. Maybe it doesn’t even need a name.

But that piano is important.

It is loved. Cherished, even. Shouldn’t something that is all of those things have a name?

When I was pregnant, I played and sang to my unborn baby. As I sang, I closed my eyes and let the music take me away and, as it did, I dreamed of two things.

The first was that the little tiny being growing within me could hear the music. Hear my voice. Hear his Mummy singing to him. I hoped that he might even be able to feel the music through me as I sang. There is nothing quite like the feeling of music vibrating just below the skin. It is like a warm light, cursing through the veins.

The second dream I had was that, when this little one was old enough, he might choose music, just as I had. Or that music might choose him. Mister C and I both have music in our blood so there would be bonus points for a baby born with musical talent.

At 24 weeks pregnant, Mister C and I performed at a wedding. We practiced and practiced and our little one was in there the whole time, listening, or not. I could never tell. But for at least three weeks of rehearsals, Baby C was surrounded by song.

When my beautiful little boy was 6 months old, I sang in a show for the first time in a few years.  I was to sing one song and I wanted to nail it. So I practiced. And practiced. And practiced some more. The same song, over and over. My little Baby C would lay on his play mat while Mummy rehearsed on repeat. He seemed to enjoy the process as much as I did.

When the show was over, I had no need to rehearse any more. I wondered whether Baby C would miss Mummy’s daily song. It had, after all, become a part of our routine.

The weeks went by and he didn’t seem to notice its absence. But I had to try it. I had to see. I would sing to him again.

I would sing him that song.

I’ll never forget what happened next.

When I began to sing, his face changed. In an instant, he went from playing with his toys—his concentration face—to looking up at me, his face positively glowing. Not only had he recognised the song, but he had liked it! He had missed it.

Every now and then, I sing that song to him, just out of the blue.

He still smiles. Every single time.

As a matter of fact, I sang it to him today. And as soon as his face lit up with the joy of recognition, I knew that moment would be my smile for today. Ah, hell. Maybe it’s my smile for the year.

Such is the power of music.


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A Heart That Smiles. Blogtober 1st.

There are two kinds of smiles.The first is the kind that happens when you see something that makes you happy.

Like this.

PicMonkey Collage (1)I need you to know: these images makes me very happy. And they certainly put a smile on my face.

But I’ve found that now that I am a Mum, my heart has turned into a great big chocolate sponge cake. Which brings me to the next kind of smile. The kind that makes your heart feel like it is full of sunshine. The kind that creeps up on you when you’re looking at your child, the beautiful, innocent mini person that relies on you to get them through their days.

It’s a heart smile. And this is how it feels.

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That’s Random, Again

When I was pregnant, I wrote a post about pregnancy related issues that seemed sort of ‘random’ to me. Random butt pains. Random dreams. Just random, randomness really. You can read that post here if you’d like.

Now that Baby C is a beautiful 7 month old cherub, I have had plenty of time to observe the randomness of parenthood. And, quite frankly, I’m hoping some of you have experienced these things too. You know, just so I don’t feel quite so, well, random.

So, without further ado, please find below a list of Mummy Miss Cookas’ random stuff.

Random thing number 1:
I sometimes—who am I kidding—I often start to burp when I am burping Baby C after a feed. Now, usually, I am a fairly gasless person, unless there is soft drink involved. So what the actual blazes is with that?


Random thing number 2
Baby C is a cot sleeper. When he wakes for his night feeds, I pick him up from his cot, feed him, change him then put him back in his cot. But, despite having put him safely into his cot, I still sometimes wake in a panic thinking that Baby C is somewhere in our bed, drowning in the doona covers. Sometimes, in my half asleep, delusional state, I even go as far as to tell Mister C to stay very still or else you will roll on Baby C! All the while Baby C has been snug in his cot. The entire time.


Random thing number 3
Another sleep related matter. This one occurred just the other night, in fact. Mister C had stayed up a little later while Baby C and I choofed off to bed. When Mister C came into the room, he woke me up. Or, at least, I thought he had woken me up.

This is the conversation that followed:

Me:  ‘Honey, can you please move this thing?’
Mister C: ‘Ummm, what thing baby?’
Me: Umm. Oh. I thought there was a baby basket sitting on my belly.
Mister C: Okayyyy…
Me: (Groggy giggle) That’s so weird, I must have been asleep just then. I so thought there was this baby basket thingy sitting on top of me. I could even tell you what it looked like.
Mister C: Go to sleep honey.
Me: Okay.


So, I’m guessing the two sleep related random moments occurred because I haven’t had a full night sleep in 7 months. But the burping? Well, who on earth knows.

I must be a sympathy burper.

Now is when you tell me about all the random things you’ve gotten up to, post baby. Have your random things been as random as mine? Please say they have!