Mummy. Blogtober 7th.

My beautiful boy has been unwell.

He’s needed so, so many Mummy cuddles.

But actually, Mummy has needed them more.

Just so he knows.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than him.

My precious little boy;

I grew him to life.

I nurtured him.

He is my biggest smile.

He is my warmest wish.

Nothing is more powerful than being a Mummy.

And nothing is more frightening.

So, here.

My moment.

Me. At my very best.



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The Things I Loved Today. Blogtober 24th.

Today I loved these tiny toes.

My body made those toes.

Don’t you think that is just amazing?


Today I loved the weather. It was hot.

Singlet and nappy kinda hot.

Clothes dry in ten minutes kinda hot.


Today I loved my ‘Mummy Time’. And this espresso.

Yes. Those are little splodges of chocolate.

I know, right?


Today I loved this serving platter.

I know what you’re thinking.

Woman. It’s a serving platter.

But don’t you think it looks so beautiful bathing in the afternoon Sun?


Today I loved that my Husband bought our Son a pink bib.

I also loved that I caught the very cheeky baby in action.

See here for more on that.


Today I loved that so many things made me smile.

So many loves.

So many sweet smiles.


Finding Mummy’s Smile. Blogtober 18th.

Dear diary,

Mister C is playing with Baby C and here I am. With my coffee. Breathing it in.

Just thought you might like to know.

Regards, Miss Cookas.


Hey Diary,

How are you? I’m still good. Really good, actually. Mister C is looking after Baby C, today. He said I should go out and just be…


So, I guess I’ll just go now.

Love, Miss Cookas.

Dear Diary,

There must be some misunderstanding. I thought I was having a ‘me’ day.

But everywhere I look, I see my baby boy.

He is here.

photo 1

And here.

photo 2

And yes. He is here, too.

photo 3 (1)

But it’s not your fault diary. I’m a Mummy now. I love my baby boy to bits. I guess that means that even a ‘me’ day is still going to be a ‘we’ day from now on. And I think I’m okay with that.

Alright, well, I better get back to it.

xxx Miss C.

Dearest Diary,

I thought you might like to know that I’ve had a really great ‘me’ day. I even found my smile.

There was no baby to help me find it. No hubby, either. Just me. And I found it!

It was here.


And here.


Oh, diary. The smile I found today was so good.



Umm. Maybe a little too good.

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Signing off (with a smile),

Miss Cookas.

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