This very moment. Blogtober 20th.


I’m lounging on the couch, feet up, lap top on lap.

My mouth is burning.

Mister C cooked.

And there was chilli involved.

A second a go (not this very moment, but close enough) he turned to me and told me that his feet were burning.

It is a hot day.

I’ll give him that.

But this is something else, he said.

Some kind of chilli demon trying to escape from his feet.

Better out than in, I say.

But back to this very moment.

My fingers move quickly across the keys; bouncy, boot scooting fingers.


There are no boots on my fingers.

But they are bouncing and scooting.

And, oh my goodness, they are making that tap, tap, tapping noise. It’s the opposite of fingernails on a blackboard.

It’s so tap, tap tappy… it’s calming.

And now it’s ruined.

A banging, clanging storm has hit.

All day it has been hot.

Not now.

Now there is rain and it’s loud.

Mr chilli feet has decided to go out onto the front porch and read to the tune of torrential rain.

I applaud his sense of adventure.

I applaud it.

From right here on my warm and snugly couch.

Ah. Some moments, hey?

Until tomorrow, then.

xx Miss Cookas.

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How Early is Too Early?

ImageHow early is too early? That’s what I’ve been wondering.

Even before Mister C and I started trying to conceive—I couldn’t help it. I just had to buy the books. What to expect when you’re expecting. What to expect before you’re expecting. You know the drill.

But my question is: have I peeked too early? My worry is that by the time I actually do become pregnant I’ll have run out of pregnancy books to peruse!

To combat this very real issue, I have set some boundaries.  I have three books to help me through pre conception. And until I am ‘up the duff’, those three will be it.

Some of my other rules are as follows:

 Rule number 1: My google searches must be limited to pre-conception only.

Curious about maternity clothes? Too bad Miss Cookas! Those kinds of searches will have to wait for the BFP (Big Fat Positive—don’t you love all the crafty acronyms used in internet land?!)

Rule Number 2: Absolutely NO baby clothes or books. None. Not even a glance down the baby isle at target. No Miss Cookas. Put down that teddy!

You might think all these boundaries and rules are silly. And if you do, I don’t blame you. I can be a bit weird sometimes. But the thing is I just want to leave some mystery for my pregnancy. I want to save the magic of being an expectant mother for when I actually become an expectant mother.

For now, I’m just trying to savour the moments I have alone with my precious Mister C. I’ll enjoy my sleep ins. I even had a moment of clarity when picking Mister C up from the bar the other night at mid night—this is a symbol of my last years of true freedom.

Me and Mister C were only just talking about that the other day—how much we’ll miss it being just us. But at the same time: we are so excited to share our special love with another.

And that’s where baby comes in.

Ready When You Are Baby

‘Are we ready for a baby?’ It’s a question pondered by couples, world-wide. Mentally, Mister C and I have been ready for a long time. Our relationship is stable. Our kiddie skills are honed—thank you nieces and nephews. But despite the obvious concerns being ruled out, how do you ever know if you are truly ready for kids?Image

People say there is never a perfect time. And for some, perhaps most, this is true. Maybe it’s a dream career that is stopping you. Maybe it’s the wish to save for a house. Maybe you always wanted to travel before settling down for good.

But when the clock starts ticking, that’s when it gets real.

Ten year old me thought that 25 was the perfect age to have kids. And looking back, how smart that little girl was. I remember the moment clearly. I was in the playground with some of my friends—a bunch of innocent ten year olds who’d never even held a boy’s hand. We were discussing the future. That’s when we began making important decisions for our adult selves.

On my 24th birthday, I remembered this innocent conversation. Here I was, adult me, edging ever closer to my ideal baby making age.  I’d just began a relationship with Mister C. I suspected that he might one day become the father of my children, but at the time, we were nowhere near ready for kids.

 Now, at 30, we finally feel as though we are ready. And don’t get me wrong: many good things come with starting our family at 30. We are more settled in a loving relationship. We have done our travelling. We have done the partying. That part’s all great.

 The bad part is: the older we get, the less fertile we get.

But I’m going to try not to worry about any future fertility issues. Right now, I’m going to try to focus on the positives. And if we have any problems down the track… we’ll cross the bridge when the time comes. 

Operation Baby: Go!

Being in a committed and loving relationship is a beautiful thing. Of course, it’s different for everyone. For some it’s passionate and crazy. For others it’s cool and calm.

                For me and Mister C, well, our relationship is like a calm and lovely fire. It surrounds us with warmth. It’s been that way for nearly six years now.

                And this year, we decided to add another log to the fire. This year is the year we try for a baby. But you already know that. What you don’t know though, and what you may have been wondering for the past few months, is when exactly we are going to start ‘trying to conceive’.

                Well, I am nervous but excited to say—we’ve just started! Trying that is. Yes, that’s right, we could get pregnant any month now.

                Those of you who’ve been checking in on this blog would know that, from the beginning, it’s been all about my journey towards motherhood. You’ve probably thought we must have started trying by now. And we wanted to. Believe me. But we had to settle our new life in the country before we could even think of resuming ‘operation baby’.

                But now, it’s official. Me and Mister C are ready, and trying to conceive our first little angel.

Let the two week wait begin!