That’s Random, Again

When I was pregnant, I wrote a post about pregnancy related issues that seemed sort of ‘random’ to me. Random butt pains. Random dreams. Just random, randomness really. You can read that post here if you’d like.

Now that Baby C is a beautiful 7 month old cherub, I have had plenty of time to observe the randomness of parenthood. And, quite frankly, I’m hoping some of you have experienced these things too. You know, just so I don’t feel quite so, well, random.

So, without further ado, please find below a list of Mummy Miss Cookas’ random stuff.

Random thing number 1:
I sometimes—who am I kidding—I often start to burp when I am burping Baby C after a feed. Now, usually, I am a fairly gasless person, unless there is soft drink involved. So what the actual blazes is with that?


Random thing number 2
Baby C is a cot sleeper. When he wakes for his night feeds, I pick him up from his cot, feed him, change him then put him back in his cot. But, despite having put him safely into his cot, I still sometimes wake in a panic thinking that Baby C is somewhere in our bed, drowning in the doona covers. Sometimes, in my half asleep, delusional state, I even go as far as to tell Mister C to stay very still or else you will roll on Baby C! All the while Baby C has been snug in his cot. The entire time.


Random thing number 3
Another sleep related matter. This one occurred just the other night, in fact. Mister C had stayed up a little later while Baby C and I choofed off to bed. When Mister C came into the room, he woke me up. Or, at least, I thought he had woken me up.

This is the conversation that followed:

Me:  ‘Honey, can you please move this thing?’
Mister C: ‘Ummm, what thing baby?’
Me: Umm. Oh. I thought there was a baby basket sitting on my belly.
Mister C: Okayyyy…
Me: (Groggy giggle) That’s so weird, I must have been asleep just then. I so thought there was this baby basket thingy sitting on top of me. I could even tell you what it looked like.
Mister C: Go to sleep honey.
Me: Okay.


So, I’m guessing the two sleep related random moments occurred because I haven’t had a full night sleep in 7 months. But the burping? Well, who on earth knows.

I must be a sympathy burper.

Now is when you tell me about all the random things you’ve gotten up to, post baby. Have your random things been as random as mine? Please say they have!