The Plumber. Blogtober 30th.

It’s lunch time and there’s a stranger on the porch. He’s wearing overalls. He’s got scruffy hair with a beard to match. Who the hell is he?

Light bulb moment :The plumber!

Mister C had specifically sent me the details of his arrival.

And I had totally forgotten he was coming.

There was no time to check if the house was tidy. He was there. He saw me see that he was there. There was no turning back. He was coming in.

‘Hi! Come in!’ I said, probably too enthusiastically.’You are the plumber?’

‘Umm…yes,’ he confirmed with a crooked smile.

Off to an excellent start then.

I walked him toward the taps we were having issues with.

‘Hello! Hello!’ chirped the toddler, as he followed along behind. The plumber, the burliest of men, smiled. A heart smile. One that only the littlest humans can evoke.

‘Hi mate,’ he boomed. ‘What’s your name?’

From then on, it was a matter of Mummy fending off the toddler’s curious strikes at the plumbers tool kit. A wrench? This looks alright. A hammer? An excellent invention indeed. He was truly the most adorable wannabe apprentice plumber.

I told the plumber. ‘He’s inspired. He might become a plumber, too!’

To that, the plumber looked at me with serious eyes.

‘No,’ he shook his head. ‘You tell him to stay in school. He does not want to be a plumber.’

I laughed it off but really I felt so sorry for the man. It was the regret in his eyes. A good man, maybe a little tired of it all. A little bit sick of all the poop. Literally.

I hope he finds another gorgeous toddler to brighten his day tomorrow.

Maybe then the poop will seem a little less…poopy.


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The momentous surprise. Blogtober 27th.

It was an inspired idea.

The park.

On a day like today.

All the smiles came along for the ride.


The usual fun and games were had.

Climbing! his toddler voice shouted.

Yay. Climbing, said Mummy…

A little less enthusiastically.



The slide was in it for the good time.

As always, a good friend.

A loyal companion.


And then it was time for Mummy’s favourite part.

A picnic with her little man.

Sandwiches and…


The toddler’s all time favourite.


And then the moment.


He’d snuck to the park on his lunch break.

A momentous surprise!

IMG_7278 One that made every one very, very happy.


Even this guy.

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Flutter by, Butterfly. Blogtober 25th.

The little girl in my heart came alive today.

She remembered this place with such fondness.

The butterfly enclosure at Melbourne Zoo;

It was still there.

Exactly as five year old me remembered it.


It was wonder and whimsy and sparkle;

A million colours in the sky.

It was a toddler that found a new reason to smile.

A new reason to giggle.

It was just…




So full of lovely.


So full of moments.


Sadness lives far away from here.

That’s what the child within me whispered.

But adult me saw things that her innocent eyes could not see.


It did live here, after all.


Poor, poor butterfly.

So sad, but still able to fly.

A lucky break to hush her sadness.

A thousand beautiful friends.

All fluttering by to cheer her up.


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That’s my baby you’re talking about! Blogtober 23rd.

A Spring festival?


I love spring.

I love festivals!


So full of fun.

So bursting with colour.

A real Sunny Mummy day, if ever I’d seen one.

And the toddler was loving life, too.

I mean, that kid was twirling…



And leaping…

PicMonkey Collage (4)

And building.


And building.


And building some more.



But then a moment.


Yes. One of those moments.

A lady running a primary school stall took me aside.

And asked me if I needed ‘school’ information for…



The toddler. That’s right. My baby.

I laughed it off.

‘Oh, he’s not even two yet!’ I gushed.

But then it hit me.

He won’t be my baby forever.

Soon enough, I’ll be waving him off with a school bag on his back.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be so, so excited that day.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be taking the time to remember

My baby.

The wild and daring toddler.

And all the sunny days we’ve shared along the way.


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The wild ways of a lovable toddler. Blogtober 21st.

It started out so well.

A fun and wondrous  game.

Some Mummy and Son fun.

Play-doh! squealed the toddler. Play-doh mat! Play-doh mat!


The Mummy got down on her hands and knees and began to pry off the lids with the tips of her fingers.

Dark blue! She said, in her up and down voice.




How to explain the colour turquoise to a toddler?


No need to explain.

Let’s just play!

And so they did.

They stacked as they sang.

Build em up, build em up, build em higher!



Oh, the hilarity!

Oh, the fun!

But time to get to the good bit.


Gooey, sticky play-doh.

Rolling and squashing it flat.

Building a most excellent creation!


And seeing it lose it’s head.

PicMonkey Collage

Oh dear.

A moment of destruction…


And a very amused Mummy.

Giggling away at the lovable toddler’s wild ways.

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