At last

Something wonderful has happened.

Fizz whiz and daffodil kind of wonderful.

Strawberry fields and apricots kind of wonderful.

Shall I tell you what it is?





It’s a baby.


We made a baby.

A baby who grew and grew and grew until…

She came out squawking.

A healthy, happy baby.

A bouncing, flouncing, cooing, smiling baby.

Ours, after all the frowns.

Multiple miscarriages.

Five, actually.

But now there’s a baby.

A baby!

A little miss to match our little mister.


A smile to melt the pain.

And she’s so beautiful.

So deliciously beautiful that all I can think sometimes is…

Thank goodness.

Thank goodness we kept trying.

Thank goodness we pushed aside the pain for just long enough.


Thank goodness somehow we were resilient enough.

To smile through the rain.

To laugh with our eyes.

To give it another go.


And over…

And over again.

Until at last there was Sun.


Glorious Sun.

A baby girl.



So delightfully perfect.

7 thoughts on “At last

  1. misscookas, misscookas, misscookas…
    This..this…made my heart cry tears of joy for you. I haven’t stopped smiling!
    I’ve thought of you often.
    I’m so very happy for you and your family. Sending love, CC

    Liked by 1 person

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