Modern Day Mama

Imagine a world without the internet. Now imagine you’re living in it…and trying to conceive.

It’s a crazy thought, and one that deserves some time. How did the lovely ladies of the past get the job done? I can’t imagine the encyclopaedia going into great detail about what fertile cervical mucus (cm) looks like.

Last week, my Mum came to stay at my house for a few days. Now, as you all know, Mister C and I are keeping our baby making fairly quiet. People know it’s going to be soon, they just don’t know when. But this is my Mum we’re talking about. There is no point in trying to pull the wool over her eyes; she knows me too well.  So, I jumped at the chance to get her take on everything.

On her visit, I asked her how she had approached the art of baby making. Did she monitor her cm and ovulation dates? Four kids later, I figured she’d be a pro on all this stuff.

Her response:

She sometimes tracked ovulation dates and, well, shagged.

So, you see? There was no internet cm instruction manual. No frantic googling of two week wait symptoms. There also wasn’t much exposure to the realities of miscarriage and infertility.

Part of me envies her for that. The other part of me feels sorry that she missed out on all the beautiful things you can find on the internet, the things that excite you about the possibility of becoming a mother.

One of my favourite parts of this journey to babyland is reading all the inter-blogs. I can’t get enough of them. Really, that’s why I started writing my own. I love reading birth stories; being able to share in the moments that changed someone’s life forever. They really are beautiful.

I mean, I suppose there were books for that sort of stuff back in the day. I’m just not sure it would have occurred to me to actually go buy a book of birth stories though.

Nowadays, modern technology is king. This is the world we live in. And I am grateful. But I do always like to look back at where we’ve come from. It’s nice to know that without all this awesome modern stuff—like the internet—we’d still be okay.


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