Cute Is The New Black

There was a brilliant show on TV the other night. It was all about babies in all their adorable adorableness. But interestingly, it also suggested that, on a primitive level, babies are cute for good reason. That reason: to keep them in our good books when they act like, well, babies.

Since lists are spreading through blog land like wild fire, I thought I’d compile my own list of times you might find yourself relying on the ‘cute factor’ to keep bubs in your good books.

1. If you breast feed into the teething zone, your baby will probably bite your nipple at some point. When he does, you will squeal. It will probably happen in a public place, full of ‘public booby feeding’ haters.

2. Sometimes, your baby will get over tired and, as you place him down in his cot, he will cackle and paw at your face like he’s on some kind of sugar high. Then, when you walk away, he’ll scream the house down until you give up and go for the rock to sleep option.

3. At his bed time feed, even when you are sure there is no more milk left in your boobies, he will occasionally insist that there is. He’ll show you you’re wrong by grunting and coughing until you let him nestle into that nice cosy booby haven once more. You know. So that he can extract the drop of milk that is left.

4. You’ll pick him up from his car seat, ready for an awesome day out. You’ll smell something curious but only realise it has come from his butt when you feel a smooth, warm substance running down his leg. Yes, it will have made a puddle on the floor too.

5. He’ll suddenly decide that 8:00 am is not a great time to wake up. 7:00 am is better.

6. He’ll suddenly decide that 7:00 am is not a great time to wake up. 6:00 am is better.

7. He’ll wee in the bath and try to drink the water. Every time.

8. He’ll happily be placed on his back to play. He’ll roll over two seconds later and get cranky. You’ll roll him back onto his back. He’ll roll straight back onto his tummy. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

9. When you have lunch guests, he’ll be ready for a feed at the same time as you are. Hot food? What’s that?

10. There is no number 10. Because despite all the above, that baby is your entire world. He makes your sun shine and brings happy tears to your eyes, daily. Sure he’s cute. But you know what? You’d love him in any shape or size. Because you made him.

 And what a miracle that is.

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