Fabulous Friday. Blogtober 10th.

I stood by the window and admired the morning as it glowed orange. The sun makes the world so very beautiful sometimes. And, where I live, it’s nearly here to stay. Ah. The Australian Summer and her stinging heat. Beautiful days like these make me pine for the warmth she promises.

There was no sign of George and Zilma this morning. Not a hint of a dirty, greasy, feather. There was sun, though. And sun bathing under the love heart tree was their favorite thing. They would come.

But just as the morning had reached its loveliest point, something went wrong. The world turned a little too far, perhaps. And the sun just disappeared. The clouds had been fluffy and white. Now they were marbled with grey.

Right now, I thought. Now is when I need to find my smile for today.

I mulled it over for a while. What can I smile about today? I looked at Baby C chatting away to himself in the mirror and it warmed my heart. But, no. That was yesterday’s smile. I thought about Mister C and how he makes me laugh with his booming voice and his exaggerated faces. No. He has already been my smile, too.

Then it hit me, and it hasn’t stopped hitting me since.

It is Friday. Today is FRIDAY. Fabulous Friday.

For some, it’ll be pizza party Friday night. For others it’ll be Friday night fish and chips. There’ll be dinner and a movie. There’ll be chocolate. There’ll be wine. Oh, there will be wine!

And tomorrow I will wake up and I will enjoy an entire day with my family. The next day, I’ll do the same. That, my friends, makes me smile like the sun itself. And if it’s not Friday for you yet, guess what? It will be soon.

And what a glorious smile that will be for you.

Oh, and by the way…

 Look who just showed up.

IMG_0233Find out more about George and Zilma here.

grass_and_the_sky_background_195809 (2)

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday. Blogtober 10th.

  1. Gotta love Fridays! I’m on maternity leave and my husband works shift work, so days of the week don’t really mean anything to us at the moment… but there’s still something about a Friday. 🙂

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    • That’s so funny Tricia, I did think about people just like you when I was writing this post! But yes, I came to the same conclusion as you :D. There’s just something about Fridays… :p


  2. I trip out always that you are a day ahead over there. I have another friend in your time zone. She always gets me. It’s Thursday night for me but when I wake up in the morning my Friday will be here and I hope it includes wine and family and little birds and hearts and feathers and laughs. This is what I hope. I like that you show your little bird, which one is this? Cause it seems kind of cute to me.


    • Ha ha! Yes it’s funny isn’t it! I always think it’s strange when people talk about it being the previous day 🙂 This is either George or Zilma! I have no IDE which one. They both look the same. And I agree! I think she looks rather lovely today! Nice and shiny 🙂 xx


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